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Connect with God: WORSHIP
We believe that the worship in spirit and truth of the living God is to be a hallmark of who we are as followers of Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to be a place where the name of Jesus is exalted in our worship - both corporately and individually.

We believe that the Lord’s desire is for our congregation to be a community of grace where people are drawn together as they experience the love and fellowship that comes from being in a relationship with Jesus Christ. The study of God’s Word through small group Bible studies is an integral part of building community here at First Baptist. People are transformed and renewed through the power of God as His Word finds a dwelling place in their hearts, and is lived out in a caring community of like-minded disciples.

Connect in Service: MINISTRY
There are many avenues at First Baptist to use your gifts and talents to serve and minister to others both behind the scenes and in front of others.  Our Ministry Teams are designed to help you implement your interests and passions, from our First Impressions Team, Children’s Sunday School to Senior Adult Choir — there are many different ways to get connected and serve God’s Kingdom.

Connect to our Community and World: MISSIONS
As we understand what God has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ, we are called and compelled to engage our community and world to share this message of grace and love. It is our desire to influence others for the sake of the Gospel so that they too understand what it means to in a right relationship with the Living God, whether in the neighborhoods surrounding our church or to people groups in the Middle East and China.

Walker Maginnis

Associate Pastor

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Small Groups

George bednar

Minister to Students

Sara Wallace

Minister to Children

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