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Folly Beach House

retreats for church groups

A great place to host a retreat, a discipling workshop or mission project, church and church-affiliated groups can also relax by the ocean at Folly Beach. The beach house cannot be used for wedding or personal events.

Booking information and date availability: Catherine Brewer, Financial Manager or 843.722.3896, ext. 2

Booking + rates


The Beach House has a total sleeping capacity of 47 people. 18 boys and 21 girls in triple bunkbeds with restrooms provided in each area. A kitchen, a living and dining area, as well as a large enclosed porch, complete the upper level.


There are four small bedrooms, each having a double bed, on the ground floor as well as a large enclosed porch, complete the upper level has central heat and air-conditioning. The lower level is heated and cooled by individual units.


Prime: Memorial Day- July 

Middle: April-May & September-October

Winter: November-March

August: Reserved for FBC Members check availability 




January through May may be made after September 1st of the preceding year. June through December reservations may be made after January 1st. A security deposit is required to confirm your reservation and is due within one week of making the tentative reservation. 

SECURITY DEPOSIT (see online payment info below): 

A security deposit of $200 ($600 for prime season) is due within one week of making a reservation to confirm. The security deposit will be refunded if the facility is left in good condition. 


One half of the rent is due no later than 60 days before your reserved usage date. Final payment is due 30 days before arrival. Checks are to be made payable to First Baptist Church.


Online payments: 

We recommend you pay by ACH (bank draft) if you are paying online. If you pay by credit card, it is mandatory to check the box "Contribute an extra (3%) to help offset processing costs. 

2023 RATES

January | February | March

Weekend: $880

Week: $1,595

Add-on: ($220 weeknight $440 weekend)

April | May

Weekend: $1,100

Week: $2,200

Add-on: ($315 weeknight $550 weekend)

June | July | August (FBC priority)

Week: $4,290

September | October

Weekend: $1,100

Week: $2,200

Add-on: ($315 weeknight $550 weekend)

November | December

Weekend: $880

Week: $1,595

Add-on: ($220 weeknight $440 weekend)

Weekend Nights = Friday, Saturday

Week Nights = Sunday - Thursday


Weekly Check-In: Friday 4 pm - Friday 12 pm

Weekend Check-In: Friday 4 pm - Sunday 12 pm


Early Check-in or Check-out: $50


$250 for cost of cleaning service

Example: Conference (i.e. 8 am - 4 pm)

Example: Beach Baptisms (3 - 7 pm)

Details + regulations


  • All groups are expected to keep the facility clean during their stay. Before check-out, a basic cleanup should be performed. Sweep the floors, take all trash to the dumpster, leave all utensils clean, remove all food from cabinets and refrigerators.

  • Please keep the door to the dumpster closed at all times. 

  • If windows are to remain open during your stay, the air conditioning must be turned off. Before check-out windows should be closed and locked. All shades must be drawn and all doors locked, including deadbolts, upon departure. The person signing confirmation is responsible. 

  • Always use the outside showers before entering the building from the beach to minimize sand inside the building. 

  • Please stay off the sand dunes as they protect the property from erosion. The picking of sea oats is against the law. 

  • No pets, fireworks or alcoholic beverages are permitted. 

  • All loud activity and music must end by 11:00 pm.

  • Do not sit or stand on the lavatories. 

  • The adjacent parking lot and gazebo is also owned by First Baptist Church and is for members and groups from the Church. This facility has a separate gate and key. 

  • No outdoor open fires are allowed on the beach. Personal grills may only be used on the ground away from the steps and boardwalk of the house. 

  • Groups are encouraged to swim at the County Park when trained lifeguards are on duty. 

  • The gates to the parking area should be kept closed when not in use to prevent illegal parking by the public. 

  • If these rules are not followed by those using the Beach House, First Baptist Church reserves the right to withhold a portion or all of the security deposit, and future use of the Beach House may be denied.

*Policies are subject to change at any time.



1017 West Ashley Street, Folly Beach

Please do not send mail to this address

A large kitchen is provided for your use:

  • 2 stoves

  • 3 refrigerators 

  • microwave

  • commercial ice machine

  • dishes & glasses are limited

We suggest large groups bring paper products, pots and pans and cooking utensils.


  • linens & towels

  • kitchen towels

  • pillows

  • soap, shampoo, etc.

  • dishwashing liquid

  • eating utensils

  • paper products including toilet paper

  • plastic garbage bags


Outdoor fires, ie. bonfires, are not allowed on the beach or property.


Access to the beach is only allowed via the common walkover to the beach. Sand dunes are restricted areas.


Church members using the pavilion will, by necessity, be using the common walkover access to the beach.


First Baptist Church, Charleston will not beheld liable for loss of property or personal injury to guests while staying at the beach house.


Help our conservationists protect endangered species during turtle nesting season (approximately May - October).


It is mandatory to close ALL shades facing beachfront by dusk until dawn. If your group is reported, we are fined. Failure to comply with lights out on the porch could prevent your group from renting the First Baptist Beach House in the future. 

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